Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Right Arm of the Gospel

Found in an SDA church bulletin (I am not making this up):

Yoga, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Ten references to "meditate" in the Bible.

also: mediation

btw, I recognize that font from a certain bulletin from a certain church...

Stephanie said...

true...any references to aromatherapy?

Bruce Thompson said...

Real aromatherapy?
Leviticus 17:6

Ezekiel 20:41

2 Corinthians 2:16

Ephesians 5:2

Anonymous said...

Some people may have thought hydrotherapy, which Ellen White frequently advocated, was far-fetched. However, hydrotherapy is considered to be safe, and it sounds more appealing to me than popping pills for muscle soreness--give me a hot tub any day, instead!
WebMD article on hydrotherapy for your reference.

Aromatherapy may sound crazy now, simply because we don't fully understand how it works yet. God created the sense of smell, too. Consider that "air" is one of the natural remedies Ellen White also advocated...pleasant scents are just "flavorings" for air.

As far as yoga, I understand its spiritual (and not necessarily God-honoring) implications. In addition, I've read secular books on exercise, and they warn against certain yoga positions as they involve dangerous contortions to put a body through.

Stephanie said...

Well, whether or not you consider the the incense in the Sanctuary service as "stress relief" or not is up for grabs, but I'm still not sure Bath & Body Works peach and vanilla is what God had in mind... ;)

Anonymous said...

The peach, native to China, may have been too expensive to import a few thousand miles to the Near East. (:

Vanilla, being a New World botanical, hadn't been discovered yet. (: