Friday, March 07, 2008

Hard things

I don't know why I'm suddenly inspired to write about hard things.

Maybe I'm trying to keep up with my weighty blog title (not that it's visible anymore because of the poppies; maybe I should put that on my list--how to make the title visible over the poppies?) Anyway, I don't feel like writing an essay, and I'll spare my readers from a poem ("Like a mushroom/floating over lime cataracts/on the brink of cowcatchers laden with pomegranates...")--I think I'll just write a list. 

Hard things (in no particular order)

1. Remembering a 3-digit number more than 10 minutes. (Those who say music helps math skills are crazy.)
2. Keeping cat hair off black pants.
3. Dealing with students' parents who yell when you can't give them the exact lesson time they want.
4. Keeping sugar from crystalizing when making caramel.
5. Realizing that he just plain doesn't care about you anymore.
6. Fingered octaves. (If you are not a violinist and don't know what this means, consider yourself lucky.)
7. Praying about certain things when you just don't want to.
8. Trying to keep from praying about certain things when you really, really want to.
9. Paganini caprices and Bach unaccompanied sonatas and partitas.
10. Living in this dark, lonely world when you would much rather be with Christ. 

What are the hard things in your life?

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Bruce Thompson said...

Agree with you about praying when you don't want to, but this is tied to #10. A little while ago, when I was down I came across this statement about living in the sunshine of the Saviour's love. It really helped me then and tonight while I was looking for it I found an even better one!

One hard thing for me is to actually get around to praising God for any length of time. I don't just mean singing etc, I mean intelligently praising Him for who He is and for specific things He has done for me.

To something more mundane like making your title visible, that's easy and will only take a few minutes. I'll take you step by step because I don't know if you've messed with HTML before:

2 things to do:
1. Jot down the default values, BEFORE you change them.
2.Only change one value at a time, then save it and check it out.

So to make your title visible:
Go to your Blogger dashboard and choose to manage 'Layout' for this blog.
In Layout choose the tab (up the top) 'Edit HTML'
As you are only making small changes to the code you probably don't need to download a copy of the template, but it's up to you.

In the editing box, go down to the line:
/* Variable definitions

a few lines below are the lines that set your blog's title and description colours, these two lines will look something like this:

Variable name="pagetitlecolor" description="Blog Title Color"
type="color" default="#666" value="#666666"
Variable name="descriptioncolor" description="Blog Description Color"
type="color" default="#999" value="#999999"

You will need to change the last variable, the 6 numbers or letters in the 'value="#------" '. (this is the colour in hex code). These will probably read "#000000" on your blog.

The line below this sets your blog POST title colour, it is probably "#cc6600" ...I don't think this will stand out as well as old-fashioned white, "#ffffff".

You could try a red "#ff3118" or a deep yellow "#ffff10".

If these don't satisfy... there is plenty of choice at:
(use lowercase letters rather than the upper case they use on this page, though)

Every time you change a value, 'Save Template', and have a look at your blog (it is good to have your blog open in another window or tab - but you will need to reload it after each change)

Have fun (and live in the sunshine of the Saviour's love)