Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the news

If you've read much of my blog, you may have noticed that unlike most blogs, I don't write much about current events or politics. This is mostly because I have very little interest in them. It's so hard to get the straight facts about what politicians are really doing or what they really believe, partly because the media is rather (rather?) selective in what is published, and partly because politicians are named so because they are political--meaning, they say pretty much what people want them to say, regardless of what they may really believe (if they've given it much thought anyway). Also, I'm not interested in my blog becoming a sound-off for the usual political discussions (hence the comment approval setting). 

However, as I was researching the Sermon on the Mount for Sabbath school study this week, I did a little googling to get some viewpoints, and found this extremely informative article here. I guess I haven't studied enough to really get the fine theological ramifications of Jesus' famous teaching. Better get to work. 

Speaking of news, my dad sent me a link to this article. Either it's a sick joke or the world really is getting grosser and grosser every day. Eww.

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Anonymous said...

Test-tube meat: The perfect complement to genetically-engineered vegetables!

No thank you to either; I'll just stick with the real plant products (with exception to the occasional vegg-o-gram on Facebook. They don't taste good grilled, but they don't clog your bandwidth either).

News can be informative to a degree, but the best thing it's good for is e-mailing witty one-liners to family and friends.