Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Sealed canisters"

Update on the current moth situation in the kitchen: After I took every item out of my cupboard, inspected, cleaned, and put it away (the un-infested ones, that is), I am still battling large numbers of moths every day. I thought the problem had been taken care of because of this--One of the very last things I took out to inspect was a container of whole wheat flour in a "sealed" canister. You may recognize the model of this container. If you do, do not assume that it is safe from bugs!


Joelle said...

I think the main reason those type of canisters are not free of bugs is because the flour is purchased with bug-eggs. Sounds gross, but I've seen that happen. If you see any "stringy" stuff when you open a bag of flour, (kind of acts like static), those are bug eggs.

Stephanie said...