Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring evenings

Yesterday a couple of friends and I enjoyed our first evening eating out on my patio this year. It's only the middle of March, but the weather has been insanely warm, which leads to very pleasant, balmy evenings. As the sun set, we had supper by candelight under a profusion of highly scented jasmine flowers cascading over my little garden. The plum and apricot trees are beginning to blossom, and my poor pathetic tree in front is starting to sprout leaves, too. This is a beautiful time of year.

In other news, one of my students had a violin recital today (all by himself!) He did a great job and I'm proud, once again, of all my adorable, charming, bright children...all 40 of them.


Andrew and Monica Nelson said...

Ah, it was a fabulous evening!

Anonymous said...

wish i was there! but Ohio is starting to get green. I love this time of year. Can't wait to see my mom's house and the trees there in full bloom.